About Design

Skool Life

Released in the mid-April 08, this creative work is done by Nini. These designs are the first collaboration between Cotton Art and freelance designer out there. If you have ideas or designs that will benefit us, feel free to read more..

Life Journey.. Never ending story

Released in April 08, this great work is again done by John. The idea is general yet bring a deep meaning in it. The design is suitable for yellow shirts, however, other colors can come to consideration based on demands.

Islam is Beautiful

Thanks for Shahrul for this great design. This design has attracted owner of boutique in Kuantan Parade to sell at her shop. Another design for muslimah will come out soon.

Utp Don't lღve you

Released in 2008, this work is considered as the starting point to cotton art; it is inspired by the athmosphere of UTP